Sabtu, 08 November 2008

Happy Birthday ....

Happy Birtday to you Ary…….. (Nov 8th)

Happiness keeps You Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You Human, Failures keeps You Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going!

You are receiving these roses because you are a special person!
Each rose symbolizes a special wish from me to you.
One Rose for Long Friendship One Rose for Unconditional Love One Rose For Financial Wealth One for Everlasting Happiness One for Success One for Knowledge One for Beauty, inner and outer One for Family One for Honesty And the last one for a long and healthy life

May ALLAH Bless you... Amiin….

Selamat Ulang Tahun, semoga kamu selalu diberi kebahagiaan, kesuksesan, kesehatan, keselamatan, dan perlindungan Allah SWT dimanapun kamu berada, amiiin.

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